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Technical Assistance Workshops


As a nonprofit staff or board member, you want your nonprofit to thrive. Our trainings provide you with the competence, confidence, and capability you need. We offer a comprehensive curriculum on a variety of grants, program, and financial management topics as well as board governance topics. Our trainers are engaging and insightful experts who want to help you be the best in your role.

With Growth Strategies Nonprofit workshop and webinar trainings, you will develop practical skills, engage in strategic thinking, and build advanced management capabilities. After attending our trainings, you will understand how mission and money work together, and the important relationship between planning, strategy, and sustainability. Your organization will not only be prepared for what’s ahead but will be proactive in making changes to meet your mission.

Currently, we do not have any upcoming workshops scheduled.

Custom Training

Growth Strategies can provide any of our in-person trainings or webinars just for your organization. We work with you to gear the trainings to your audience. You can choose from a variety of program, grant writing, data and board governance topics including, but not limited to, What Do Your Programs Really Cost?, Introduction to Grant Research, Data-driven Strategic Planning, Grant Boot Camp and more.

Don’t see a training or webinar you are looking for? Call us and we’ll talk with you about creating a customized nonprofit grant writing or technical assistance training for you. If you would like to discuss scheduling a customized training for your organization, contact Denzel Evans-Bell at 310.987.3697 or email DBell@GrowthStrategiesGroup.Org

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Special Initiatives

From time to time Growth Strategies has the opportunity to develop and manage special initiatives to provide one or more services for a group of nonprofits. Special initiatives are often developed through our strong connections with community partners. Each initiative is designed to meet a specific need in a community and to help nonprofits build their knowledge, skills, and capacity to thrive.

Special initiatives are generally targeted to a specific type of nonprofit, a community or region, or a pre-selected cohort. These initiatives are valuable for the groups participating in the initiative and as opportunities for learning and research for Growth Strategies and our partners. For example, we are often called to develop Family Engagement workshops and special events for child and parent programs. However, the possibilities are limitless.

If you would like to discuss a Special Initiatives Partnership or event your organization, contact Denzel Evans-Bell at 725.725.8599 or email DBell@GrowthStrategiesGroup.Org

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