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Growth Strategies for

Nonprofit Organizations

We are more than just consultants,

we are your partners.

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At Growth Strategies, we provide a full range of development services for non-profit, governmental and educational organizations. We provide truly 360° development support, from defining critical actions based on strategic goals, through creating Logic Models for each key activity, to crafting a development plan collaboratively with your team. 


We understand that many nonprofit organizations have limited access to the trained professionals and human resources they need to prepare and submit a compelling and research-based grant proposal that satisfies the grant funders. Our team of grant writers will take care of the entire grant proposal for you, so that you have time to focus on more the immediate operations of your nonprofit.


Not only will we prepare a comprehensive grant proposal that is research based, we will also create visually appealing materials to help secure partnerships and grants. From grant prospectus and presentations to Letters of Support, Memorandums of Understanding, Donor database as well as creating and managing data systems and drafting data-driven grant reports, we become invested partners so there is no task too small or large that we won't gladly undertake in order to help your team grow and thrive. 

Our Nonprofit Services

Writing grants for your nonprofit can be a full time job. It's actually OUR full time job, so let us take care of that for you.

Today's funders want to see proof of concept in the form of data and research. From setting up a donor database to analyzing program data. We can handle it!

Our  approach will help your team pinpoint new opportunities, make informed decisions, build a strategy and a budget to win grants, and sustain growth.

Our capacity building experts provide customized workshops and training to complement your organization’s needs, talents and goals.



Ready to make a change in your community via a Nonprofit? We provide formation services to help you focus on the real work in the field.

Take a look at a few of the ways we can help your organization:



A custom report of the grant and funding opportunities that your organization is most qualified to win.



If you’ve identified a grant, or several grants, you’d like to pursue, we can help you make sure you’re prepared to write the proposal. We’ll help you through the planning and preparation of designing your program and building partnerships.



Take advantage of our team of experienced grant writers. We’ll take care of all the details, from planning the grant program design and development of the full narrative and budget to submission of the proposal.



Our partnership coordination team will do the time-consuming work of identifying and soliciting quality partners and securing documentation from new and existing partners.



If you’re writing a grant proposal in-house, Growth Strategies can still help. We’ll review your proposal to make sure it’s as comprehensive and compelling as possible.



Once you’ve been awarded a grant, there are a whole new set of tasks and requirements that will need to be done. Rely on the expertise of our professional grant managers to develop, implement, and monitor a project and fiscal management plan for the entire life of your grant (or grants).



Ensure the longevity of your program with a plan for long-term funding, beyond the term of a single grant. Growth Strategies will help you identify funding opportunities and develop a plan to secure those funds.



Personalized coaching and custom workshops to build your team’s internal capabilities.



Whether you’re a brand new organization that needs to define its vision, mission, and initiatives or an organization in transition, we can help you develop a strategic plan that is aligned to funding opportunities that will help you achieve your short and long term goals.


For more information and a free Grant Strategy Session to review your goals, challenges and needs, please contact us by following the link below.


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