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Growth Strategies for

Small Businesses

we eliminate start-up barriers

to help small business grow and thrive

LLC Filing and Strategic Business Planning Made Easy

Our dedicated small business consultants help put entrepreneurs at ease about the start up process by thoroughly describing the formation process and then taking care of all the leg work to ensure things are done right. From drafting LLC Certifications of Formation to filing legal documents with county and state governments to drafting business banking policy and agreements, we take the guess work and the stress work out of starting your business.

For existing small businesses, we analyze how your business is performing in relation to prior years and how it is performing relative to your competitors, both in your geographic area and nationally. Using our customized strategic planning processes and data-driven reporting, your business vision and goals will become crystal clear.


From this new perspective, you will be able to clearly understand the obstacles standing in the way of achieving the maximum potential of your practice, as well as your own personal potential in life. Growth Strategies' Small Business Consultants will walk with you every step of the way to implement changes and develop strategies customized to reach your business and personal goals.


We work with entrepreneurs to file LLCs and other entities fast without error. Our LLCs are typically processed within 24 hours.

Does your business have established quantifiable productivity standards? How should you measure productivity in your business? We have answers.

Our  approach will help your team pinpoint new opportunities, make informed decisions, build a strategy and a budget to win investors, and sustain growth.

Our capacity building experts provide customized workshops and training to complement your organization’s needs, talents and goals.

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