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Your Partners in Community Building

At Growth Strategies, we partner with social change organizations and community-based businesses to ensure the most deserving organizations have equitable access to funding, partnerships, and strategic planning resources.


Our team of consultants employ growth strategies customized to fit your team's mission and vision and we prioritize building authentic connections with your team as well as the communities you serve. 

The end result, we help your team to grow, achieve scale, and maximize impact.

In the News:
Growth Strategies Grant Writer
Helps Nonprofit Secure 6-Figure Donation
From Megan Thee Stallion & Popeyes Foundation

Ready to Apply for Grants?

Our team of Grant Writers are prepared to help your team respond to local, state and federal RFPs. We develop letters or Intent, Partnership solicitations, complete grant proposals and more.

Why We Prioritize Communities with Greatest Needs

Long-standing racial and gender disparities in funding and limited access to high-quality resources are key challenges which negatively affecting many social change and community-based organizations' ability to thrive. 


By prioritizing our services for these organizations, especially those that provide support for under-resourced and marginalized communities, we aim to achieve a vision where these communities have access to the high-quality resources they deserve. 

Black-owned startups are
(times) more likely to be denied a loan, compared to white business owners
On average, there is a
racial funding gap separating white-led and black-led early stage nonprofit organiziations
Among Black women-owned firms, 
reported credit availability or funds for expansion were their greatest financial challenges
On average, unrestricted net-assets of Black-led orgs were
smaller than that of white-led organizations in the same applicant pool.


If you run a nonprofit and you don't have your grant writing stream taken care of, I have a tried and true referral for your needs. For the last two years, we have employed Growth Strategies Grants Writers and Data Specialists. Their grant success rate has exceed the normal and their dedication and professionalism to our youth organization has been remarkable. 

—  JOHN CHILDS, Mental Fitness 21st Century Learning, Inc

Deeply invested in the communities we serve

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